Duration of the project: since 2016

Meaning of the project:  

    motanka 2018 nahradni4 
    Turn people's attention to the ongoing war in Ukraine (2014 - ???)
  • Give people possibility to support financially our winter projects of help for the inhabitants of front-line towns

  • To give donors an original souvenir of their good deed

Where is the project taking place:
Krasnohorovka – front line


Motanka is a traditional handmade Ukrainian doll.
It is a nonprofit project of our voluntary organization Desire to Help.

The doll itself is a not-for-sale gift for anyone who wants to support our project WARMTH - to warm up Krasnohorovka citizens in need. Please, find more details about how to pass Warmth from your heart to the Ukrainian front in the Warmth for Ukraine project.



10% of the gifts provided for the Warmth project are used for production of these dolls. Thus, at the same time, we create a small development project where we give women work and thus the opportunity to make money and to become independent in fulfilling their needs.

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